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If you are cancelling an appointment, call or text us at(920) 757-9020.  Please don't use the website contact form to cancel appointments.  For the most reliable contact call. 

We ask that our clients try and cancel their appointments at their earliest convenience and at least   24  hours before the time of the appointment so that we may attempt to schedule and offer times to   clients that may be waiting for openings.

 But we get it, things come up, family emergencies, sickness and any other kind of event that may   impact your ability to come to your appointment. 

 Here at Mosaic we implement a three strike rule:

  1. A same day cancellation will result in one strike, but no harm no foul.
 2. A repeated  cancellation will result in another strike. At this point, we will ask that you only contact   us to schedule an appointment same day or the day before, depending on how we can  accommodate you.
 3. If a pattern continues and cancellation occurs, we will ask that you no longer book with us and     reserve the right to refuse service from hence forth.
 4. In the event of a no call no show, an automatic two strikes will be added, and we will reach out to   ask  for same day or next day appointments only. Should we be unable to get into contact with a   client, rights to refuse further service will reserved.

  These policies are in place to ensure that all stylists' and technicians' times are respected and     valued.

*As a privately owned salon, Mosaic Salon and Tanning does reserve the right to deny service for any reason beyond our three strike cancellation policy


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