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The Fountain of Youth.

The main benefits of red light therapy are thought to have come from the energy exchange. The responses of cells and tissues to red light therapy, which does not itself produce much heat, can be comparable to the body’s reaction to heat. Certain wavelengths of red light can penetrate beyond the skin’s surface, where it is absorbed into the cells deeper than other visible light can. 

Benefits Include:

-Greatly Reduces Acne

-Reduces Joint Stiffness

-Reduces Stretch Marks

-Reduces Inflammation

-Relieves Muscle Spasms

-Aids Pain Relief

-Improves Blood Flow

-Improves Elasticity of Collagen Fibers
-Reduces Headaches

-Helps Relieve "Frozen Shoulder"

.4oz 7NGi + .4oz 5NGi +.4oz 6NN=20V


$30/month (per person)

One Month Unlimited


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